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For more than 400 kids each year, Gladden's Team Sports program is a refuge for families of Franklinton. Our program, especially in an era of high-stakes competitive athletics, offers an experience where lessons about personal responsibility, leadership, and goal attainment are more important than wins and losses. That's why we invite our partners and sponsors to compete in our Chip-In Challenge each spring at TopGolf! To become a sponsor, click the link below for more info!

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From the passionate rumble of the beat of a drum to an organization whose strength marches on as a supporting cadence within our community, nothing compares to the richness of a sacred tradition. We invite you to join The Best Damn Band in the Land, the world’s largest all-brass and percussion band, and Gladden Community House, a local non-profit organization dedicated to preserving and strengthening the well being of the Franklinton community, as they come together for an unforgettable evening – striking a chord together through tradition, music, and meaning.

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