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Many reasons to be thankful

All year, Gladden House is fortunate to have the support and generous commitment from our community as a whole.

But this fall and as we head into the holiday season, we’re extra thankful for many who’ve helped us stabilize families and empower Franklinton!

From corporate partners to board members to individual donors and volunteers, we’ve been so lucky to have the following support recently at Gladden House:

  • In September, Aramark and Social Current funded and hosted our Community Picnic Day. Thanks to them we were able to treat the families and friends of Gladden to a day of games, prizes, activities, and dinner from City Barbecue!

  • In October, we were able to facilitate the return our our annual Halloween party for the community and our families! We were lucky to have more than $10,000 in candy donations from Randy Truax with Bright Horizons, Mike and Connie Caradonna from Mike’s Foreign Car Service, First-Church, Citrine Hair, and Skin, as well as several board members! An extra special thanks to those who volunteered their time to spend a magical day with our kiddos, including representatives from the Columbus Division of Police, Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams, Mount Carmel, and the Franklinton Board of Trade!

  • Last week, Franklinton’s Milo’s Catering graciously catered a delicious Thanksgiving meal for our senior luncheon.

  • This month, we were blessed with a series of impactful donations to help feed families during the Thanksgiving holiday and beyond. Thanks to Tricia Bonar and Aldi, who delivered 128 Thanksgiving Boxes and Hams. COSI delivered more than 500 Thanksgiving meal items, along with with additional items from Nationwide, First Congregational Church, St. John’s Episcopal Church, as well as our board chair Jeff Blendick and wife Kylie.

We’re always thankful for the generous support we receive at Gladden, but we’re especially thankful this time of year when our community steps up to help families in need!

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